It’s not just a meal plan…

“The One Minute Meal Plan has been a life saver for us! Eating healthy used to feel like so much work. McKenna taught us how to automate most things so that it’s almost as convenient as going out. I really feel like we will be able to stick with this for good now.”

Megan Duclos

Social Media Consultant, My Social Unicorn

Why the The One-Minute Meal Plan?

I am constantly getting asked by my clients and friends, “McKenna, can you just come meal plan and cook for me? Then we’ll FINALLY eat right for longer than half a week!”

…while I can’t QUITE do that for everyone, The One-Minute Meal Plan is the next best thing. I’ve taken the system I use for my family and made it customizable to any family’s needs.

In today’s world, it’s just not sustainable to feed your family a very healthy diet long term unless it is made convenient! Convenience is king, and every single day another healthy family meal plan BITES THE DUST because it’s just way too complicated. You’ve done it. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it.

I can’t wait to teach you my kitchen secrets and show you that you really can stick to this. How you really can give your family the gift (arguably the best possible gift) of health in a non-stressful way.

Does it really only take one minute?


I’m not even kidding. 60 seconds. You’ll learn precisely how when you join, but the short version is that you’ll be creating (or using mine) several go-to weeks as polished meal plans. They’re color coordinated and easy to edit, so your weekly meal planning will be as easy as these 3 steps:

  1. Walk to pantry, pull out meal plan folder
  2. Choose a plan that sounds good for the week.
  3. Slap it on the fridge and take the accompanying shopping list to the store.

Have an event to go to one night? It’s your birthday and you don’t want to cook on Monday? Have guests staying with you? No problem. My one-minute method makes it so you don’t have to convert recipes up or down to number of servings. And it takes only a quick glance to know exactly what to delete from your shopping list if you’re skipping a day on your pre-made week. It’s all in how you form the meal plan in the first place. It’s easy to do, but no one is doing it!

I’m a busy entrepreneur and I often put off preparing food for myself until I’m so hungry that I end up eating junky convenience foods. The One-Minute Meal Plan has changed that. I have now completely automated my breakfasts, and I have healthy snacks at the ready. When I’m in a bind, I don’t need to reach for convenience foods anymore, because my healthy food is just as convenient. As a result, I’m getting a lot more done in my business because eating healthy food gives me more energy and makes me more productive and creative. This is the next best thing to hiring a personal chef to plan and cook meals for me.

Karlene Browning

What You’ll Get:


Access to the online learning portal

with step-by-step videos and instructions. Accessible from any web browser, iPhone, iPad or Android device. $47 value



for organization, snack lists and more. $9 value


4 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists

100% whole-food based, family-friendly, and they DON’T require you to convert recipes for large or small families–this conversion process in done in a few seconds (Sounds crazy, I know, but I’ll teach you how). $39 value


How to design your own "One-Minute" meal plans

so you can incorporate your family’s favorite recipes and grow your collection of ready-made, easily adjustable meal plans


How to "market" healthy foods

to yourself and your family so the healthy choice is the one they make day after day.


Tips on making meal times feel less hectic and more enjoyable

…for the entire family. Bring back the old-fashioned family dinnertime but without the Shake-n-Bake or the need to be June Clever!


How to automate your family's breakfast

so it takes 10 minutes for the entire family. Imagine your morning scene actually being peaceful with maybe even some time for connection and togetherness before everyone heads off for their day!


how to hack your snacks

to save tons of time and money while avoiding mess, complaining, and kids “spoiling” their dinner


Convert your way of thinking

from “cook everything from scratch” to “just eat the scratch!” … especially helpful on days when you have absolutely no time to cook. (aka every day if you are like me!)


How to finish your entire meal plan for the week in just one minute

(Your 7 year old kid can even do this part, but it might take 5 😉 )


Learn the life-changing magic of "canned" meal plans

(no canned foods involved though!)


FREE! Smoothies For Beginners

a recipe ebook full of delicious, exploding-with-nutrition smoothies. $14.99 value.

$109.99 VALUE

Or keep scrolling for more info.

Take a look inside the system:

I have tried and failed so many times to feed my family more healthy foods. But I seriously felt like it was impossible. We’re just so busy. And it’s so discouraging when my kids complain and make messes and beg for mac and cheese. It’s so exhausting that I would always end up giving up after a week or so. But now my kids are actually reaching for fruits and veggies as their snacks because of McKenna’s snack hacks. And I feel like the fight is gone. I’m no longer fighting to eat healthy. We are just doing it and yes it takes effort, but it is completely doable with this system.

Chante Weber

Mom of 3, Make-Up Artist

Frequently Asked Questions:

How hard is this? Is it really doable?

IMAGINE being able to give your family the gift of consistent health, without it requiring hours of sacrifice every day. You can do this! It’s so simple yet incredibly powerful. This isn’t rocket science or extreme organization! Most people respond to the step-by-step lessons with, “Oh my gosh, why didn’t I think of that!?” You’ve got this! Imagine a no-rush morning routine where your family can actually enjoy each other rather than scramble to eat and find a lunch to pack. What if your dinnertime scenario DIDN’T include kids foraging for snacks while you’re prepping dinner, making messes and wasting money while “spoiling” their dinner on junk? What if you never again had those weeks where you have no idea what to make for dinner, so you just end up going out (and feeling the effects in your body and your budget!) 

How is this product delivered?

You will get instant, private access to an online portal full of video lessons, lesson transcripts, PDF downloads, and more. It’s very simply organized so that you can go at your own pace, step-by-step. It’s feasible to have this system set up and running in your own kitchen within a week, but you can also take it easy and implemnt one baby step at a time.

Am I paying for meal plans or lessons?

You will receive 4 weeks worth of customizable meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes. But this isn’t just a meal plan! It is a system. You can use the provided meal plans, but you’ll also learn how to create your own. The meal plans are amazing! But they’re just a tiny portion of what the One-Minute Meal Plan has to offer

What if I don't know how to cook?

No problem! In fact, I usually put the word “recipes” in airquotes, because you do not need to know how to cook well before implementing this program. Let’s just say you’ll be “cooking.” You’re such a “chef!”

What type of support is offered as part of this system?

You will get direct access to system creator, McKenna Gordon, for support, as well as group support for everyone participating.

How long will I have access?

You’re getting lifetime access! As this program evolves to stay ahead of the curve of what’s happening in the world of fake foods and busy families, you will always receive FREE access to updates and expansions, even though the value of the product will increase over time.

What's your return policy?

Honestly, I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund. I created this system out of necessity for my own family. It has made a huge impact on our lives and we’ve been using it successfully for several years. I WISH I had this system when I first started transitioning to healthy eating. I don’t want this to be something you purchase and then don’t watch and implement. So promise me you’ll do your best to take the whole course, implement it fully, and if it truly doesn’t help you, email me for a full refund within 30 days.

Who is McKenna Gordon?

It’s my passion to help others in their journey toward health and happiness.

My books and programs help you connect with your purpose, heal your body naturally, and simplify your life in the process.

I’m a holistic nutritionist, certified integrative aromatherapist, energy practitioner, speaker, author, homeschooling mama of 3, and music-loving goofball.

This is my fridge after McKenna’s One-Minute Meal Plan. My kid is actually eating produce now since it is easy and accessible to her. Everything is pre-washed, pre-portioned and in easy to take with you baggies. Makes it easy to pack lunches, or take snacks on the go. Thanks, McKenna!

Stacey Speck

Imagine This:

I am SO SO SO SO impressed with this course and all the resources!I I am excited to start on this journey and have things be so much more simplified.

Anna Carter