I am constantly being told that the biggest problem parents face is that they want to raise their families and kids very healthfully but it’s hard. Sometimes the problem is “I don’t know how” but sometimes the problem is that it’s just really freakin’ hard because life is busy. We often don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen and at the rate that our lives go, parents are experiencing exhaustion and absolute overwhelm.

We need things to be convenient. Health professionals and gurus try to teach moms how to feed their kids healthfully and open their eyes to the dangers of processed food. But once our eyes are open, we are then plagued with guilt, because it’s easier said than done. In a way it’s so much easier to be blissfully unaware 😉

I want to share a few game changing tips that have helped us feed our kids super healthy foods, very conveniently.

Game Changing Tip #1: Automate your breakfast.

You can make a very healthy breakfast so easy that you don’t even have to think about it. We automate breakfast in our house by only having 2 kinds of breakfast: A green smoothie and/or eggs.

I love green smoothies because I feel so good that I am able to pack a ton of healthy fats, proteins, 5 full servings of fruits and vegetables and leafy greens in my kids’ bellies at the start of the day. So technically, if that’s all I do, I feel pretty okay about my kids health that day.

Here’s one great green smoothie recipe.

You can also check out my free Smoothie E-Book at My family created the 30 recipes in this book years ago when I had to find yummy, creative ways to get my family eating healthfully. The ebook will also guide you on designing your own green smoothie recipes with my green smoothie template.

It’s fun to get fruits, leafy greens and other healthy ingredients out on the counter and involve your kids in making smoothies, because if they are part of the creation process then they are much more likely to be excited about drinking them. You can automate this and make it even faster by pre-making smoothie bags that you either freeze or keep in the fridge for the week where everything is pre-washed, pre-sliced and in single serving (or family serving size) bags. Just add your almond milk, your coconut oil, a handful of Chia seeds and you’re good. This will all make more sense when you have the free printable. 

As for eggs, we either scramble or boil them. Having a dozen or 2 eggs (depending on how big you family is) makes breakfast very easy. When I can get 12 ounces of green smoothie and a boiled egg in my kids’ bellies for breakfast, we all have a much better day. They’re less likely to beg for sweets throughout the day or experience focus problems.

Automating your breakfast can be as quick as 5 minutes in the morning for the whole family, 5 minutes of clean up and 5 servings of vegetables for your bodies. With this game changing tip, you can easily and conveniently kick butt as a mom raising healthy kids.

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