photoMost DIY recipes frustrate me because they involve a lot of steps and weird ingredients. Sometimes that’s necessary, but usually it’s not. It can be very easy to make your own baby lotion, taking less than 10 minutes including clean-up. I feel that it’s so important to do this is not only because it saves money, not only that it’s healthier but also because the other baby lotions like Johnson & Johnson’s, Baby Magi,c and even some of the brands that claim to be natural contain harmful ingredients like endocrine disruptors which can mess with your baby’s hormones, and ingredients that harm the good bacteria in your baby’s gut, which makes up a good portion of his immune system. And don’t even get me started on cancer-causing mineral oil. One search on Environmental Working Group’s website ( regarding mineral oil will convince you.

Here’s my favorite recipe for all-natural baby lotion recipe. You’ll probably not just use it on baby–I steal it all the time for myself because it just feels so amazing! Many people use coconut oil as a moisturizer and find it to be greasy. The addition of aloe vera takes the greasy factor away and makes for a silky smooth application that leaves your skin glowing and beautiful. So I highly recommend using it on yourself, too!

Baby Lotion Recipe:

1 cup Coconut Oil
1 cup Aloe Vera
10-15 drops Essential Oil (Lavender recommended)

Why These Ingredients?

Coconut Oil is anti-microbial so it can protect your baby from microbial infections. Coconut oil also has a lot of naturally occurring vitamin E which is very good for the skin. Many people use synthetic vitamin E to combat stretchmarks and reduce the appearance of scars. Well, here it is in its natural form.

Aloe Vera naturally contains a lot of vitamins. It is also anti-bacterial and has healing properties that are very soothing to all skin types.

Lavender is one of the safest essential oils for babies. It has relaxing properties which can help baby sleep better, calm their anxieties, and is also soothing to the skin. It has amazing wide-range therapeutic properties which can be very beneficial to babies.


  • Heat up one cup of coconut oil in a bowl. Coconut oil melts very quickly at about 75 degrees. Once melted, remove from heat.
  • Add in a cup of Aloe Vera and use a hand blender (or any kind of blender) and give it 30 seconds of good mixing.
  • Stir in 10-15 drops of Lavender. That’s around 1 drop per quarter cup, so this is heavily, HEAVILY diluted and safe for even brand new babies.
  • As the mixture cools, you will notice that it starts to turn white. As the mixture cools to room temperature, you will get a lotion consistency. Once it’s cool, give it another quick blender whirl.
  • Transfer lotion from blender bowl to a glass or plastic tub or lotion dispenser.


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