This delicious banana split dessert shake recipe is a healthy treat for those mornings that you just don’t feel like adding a lot of green to your smoothies. If you’re just getting into fruit and green smoothies this is a good one to keep you going although it doesn’t have the greens we typically recommend in shakes/smoothies it’s still a healthy alternative to start your day or give you a dessert later in the day. Switch the honey with stevia and this recipe is 100% Vegan.

At around 322 calories, it’s a pretty hearty meal if you’re counting calories, however it’s a lot less than you’d eat for a shake or smoothie at one of the chains you’d pay upwards of $4 just to make an unhealthy version of this loaded with sugary carbs. Try sharing it with your family or just replace a meal in your day with a healthy, you won’t believe you’re not cheating alternative.

322 Calories
10g Fat
48g Carbs
19g Protein
7g Fiber


8 oz of almond milk
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (I recommend SunWarrior , it’s 100% RAW Vegan)
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp of pure cocoa or cacao powder
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tsp hemp seeds, flax seed oil, or coconut oil
Optional: 1 tsp honey or stevia
6-12 ice cubes


As simple as this recipe sounds, it’s just a shake right? Try using the minimum amount of ice cubes and you’ll find this Banana Split Dessert Shake is pretty sweet without adding the extra sweetness of honey or stevia. Try blending the ingredients first to see if you like it without, and then add the additional honey/stevia if you need. If you’re used to the greener smoothies you can find on Totally Healthy Recipes, you’ll have no problem with the shake.