Have you heard of a GREEN smoothie before? (Speaking of healthy smoothie recipe.) I’m a huge advocate of them. They’re such a great way to get lots of green, healthy vegetables into your diet, especially if you’re like me and don’t necessarily love the taste of most vegetables.

This green smoothie recipe is by far my favorite right now. It doesn’t taste healthy AT ALL. In fact, it tastes like a sinful, dark chocolate delight that I should be hiding in the closet to drink so no one will see how bad I’m being.

You’re going to love it. So will your kids. And it’s full of rich antioxidants and disease fighting greens.

Did you know, that if you can get 5 servings of dark leafy greens in your diet every day, you can cut your risk of developing diabetes by 20%? This recipe has 6. So there.

166 Calories
4g Fat
30g Carbs
6g Protein
5g Fiber

You ready for this?

~3 large handfuls (3 loose cups) fresh spinach leaves
~1 cup frozen sweet cherries
~1 cup unsweetened almond milk
~1 Tbsp cocoa powder

That’s it! Throw it all in the blender and pulverize it until it’s thick and smooth. It’s like the richest, most sinful chocolate milk you’ve ever tasted. But far from sinful, my dears!