crackedheelsI whipped up (literally) some of this amazing foot butter today for my husband and thought I’d share the recipe here. He’s been asking for a refill for a week or two now because of how much it helps his cracked heels. I think I’ll be stealing some of it from him for myself! It smells divine and does a whole lot more for you than just helping with dry skin.

When you’re trying to get to the root of skin problems, it can be an exhaustive guessing game, because cracked heels can be caused by many different things:

  • poor circulation
  • chronic high blood sugar
  • deficiency in essential fatty acids
  • fungal infection
  • magnesium or zinc deficiencies

I love this recipe because it addresses almost all of the above possible causes. It feels fantastic, smells divine, and we notice a huge difference within a night or two of applying. Let me explain why each ingredient is included, and as you read through this, you’ll notice some amazing side benefits that come as a result of using this body butter.

Shea butter or Mango butter – great fats for hydrating and smoothing the skin
Coconut oil for moisturizing with high quality fatty acids, and it has anti-fungal properties
Beeswax – non-chemical thickener
Magnesium flakes – one of the main reasons people get cracked skin on their feet is a magnesium deficiency. Wanna know what else can be caused by too little magnesium? Not sleeping well. Anxiety. Morning sickness (if pregnant), Muscle spasms/foot cramps/charlie horses, involuntary muscle twitches, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Guess what else? One of the best ways to absorb magnesium efficiently is through the skin–not through the stomach! In other words, you may get better results rubbing this whipped butter on your feet every night than taking a magnesium supplement pill.

Read more about magnesium deficiency here. It’s mind boggling!

Peppermint essential oil – for circulation, healthy digestion and a great de-stressor!
Cypress essential oil – for circulation and inducing a calming, relaxing and sedative state on both the mind and body by relieving nervous stress and anxiety
Frankincense essential oil – boosts overall health and immune system, helps with stress and balancing, and even helps with PMS
Cell Therapy blend – this blend is scientifically proven to increase efficacy of other essential oils. In other words, by including it in this recipe, it “supercharges” the other 3 oils we’re using to make them a lot more bioavailable than they would be on their own. For more info on the science behind this blend, go here. 

It costs roughly $9 to make a jar of this cracked heel whipped butter. I usually triple the recipe below and give the extra as gifts or sell them. Remember that a little goes a very long way, so it’s a screamin’ deal for all the benefits it provides. On my Recommends page, I provide links to exactly what I use on Amazon Prime so you can get everything you need to make this at the best price, asap. Just click on the “Cracked Heel Recipe” and you can add them to your cart. I can’t wait to hear how this recipe helps you!

Cracked Heel Whipped Butter Ingredients

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  1. Scoop the magnesium flakes into a small bowl and pour 2 tablespoons
    of boiling water over them stirring until it dissolves. This will create a thick liquid. Set aside to cool.
  2. Fill a small sauce pan with 2 inches of water. Then place an empty quart size mason jar inside the sauce pan. Add the coconut oil, beeswax and mango/shea butter to the mason jar and heat it on medium.
  3. The beeswax will be the last thing to melt. When everything is melted, remove the jar from the pan and let the mixture cool to about room temp and slightly opaque. At this point, pour it into a medium sized mixing bowl.
  4. Use a hand blender or immersion blender on medium speed and start blending the oil mixture.
  5. Very slowly, over the course of about a minute, add the dissolved magnesium mixture to the oil mixture while continuing blending until all of the magnesium mix is added and it is well-mixed.
  6. Add the essential oils and whip until combined.
  7. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes and re-blend to get body butter consistency.
  8. Fill your jar and put it on your bedside table, or store it in the fridge for longer shelf life and an amazing cooling effect.
  9. The first three nights: Apply a thick coat and wear socks to bed. After major cracks have gone away, apply less thick and rub in like a lotion before bed, no socks necessary. For even better results, exfoliate dry feet first using a pumice or foot file, then soak your feet in hot epsom salt water, let dry and apply the butter.