This is one of the very easiest no cook recipes for kids ever. I love it for so many reasons…

It’s great for picky eaters, because you can customize it for your little one.

Kids think they’re so much fun to eat.

They take all of 30 seconds to throw together, and you can use whatever you have lying around in your fridge to make a delicious meal.

They’re even fun and delicious for adults. This is the easiest go-to meal when we need something light and fast.!


Anything and EVERYTHING! Whatever ya want! Whatever you’ve got lying around. Whatever you want to get your kids to be enthusiastic about eating. For example, if they think they hate broccoli just because it’s green, throw a few on the kebob surrounded by their absolute favorites, and make it a game: you have to eat the kebob in order from left to right, which means you can’t get to your favorite food until you get past that little green broccoli tree!

The pictured kebob features:
Goat Cheese
Tofu cubes

You can really use any combination of fruits, vegetables, unprocessed cheese, tofu, unprocessed lean meat, the possibilities are endless. It’s even fun to make it the entire theme for dinner and feature dessert kebobs that have berries drizzled with dark chocolate or honey. Have fun, get creative, and involve your kids. Older kids can even build their own kebobs.


I use 12 inch wooden skewers. I load one skewer completely full, then use sharp kitchen shears to chop it in half for easy handling. I then chop the two pointy ends off to avoid poking little fingers.