Could you be like the millions of people who are sensitive to sugar and don’t even know it?

Everyone knows that too much sugar is not a good thing. But many people are sensitive to sugar and don’t even know it! Normally when we think of allergies and food sensitivities, we think of physical reactions in the body, like getting a rash, swelling up, or having gastrointestinal pain. But did you know that some food sensitivities can present themselves in different ways? Many people are sensitive to sugar and the reaction that occurs is emotional rather than physical. So many people are suffering from anxiety, depression, irritability, and mood instability, and they would never know if it’s caused by sugar, because most people eat sugar often enough that they would never get reprieve from the symptoms of their sensitivity. Most people who are sensitive to sugar don’t know it because they’re used to feeling awful and it has become their “normal.”

But there are some telltale signs of sugar sensitivity, and if you know what to look for, you can spot this sensitivity in yourself and take action to begin feeling better almost immediately.

Take the quiz below to find out if you could have a sugar sensitivity, what that means for hormone levels in your body, how going off sugar could be more difficult for you than someone who is not sugar sensitive, and how to fix the problem! 


Recently I gave an exclusive webinar on sugar sensitivity to my followers. Never before have I received so many follow-up messages from viewers about how this information was an answer they had LONG been looking for and how life-changing it was. So rather than tuck that webinar in the vault like I normally do, I am sharing it now for a limited time for free. In fact, you can access it RIGHT NOW, and here’s what you’ll learn:

~ More details on how to tell if you have a sugar sensitivity

~ 3 ways sugar-sensitive people’s brains work differently

~ Why it’s so difficult for sugar-sensitive people to quit sugar, lose weight, etc.

~ Why “will power” is not even a real thing for sugar-sensitive people – will power is a load of bull!

~ How to stop the vicious cycle and start feeling better now…finally!