The T-TM Virus Screening Test

McKenna recommends all healthy individuals get screened weekly for the T-TM virus. Score yourself on the following questions, and see if you test positive below:

1. Do your out-loud sentences often start with: I can’t, I’ll never or I’m not? (2 points)

2. Do your inner thoughts often carry the theme, I can’t, I’ll never or I’m not? (2 points)

3. When you view others you respect (whether because of social status, fitness level, organization, have-it-all-togetherness level, beauty, or happiness), do you EVER compare yourself to those people?(2 points)

4. Regarding question #3, do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I could be more like ____” in a certain area?(2 points)

5. Do you refer to yourself in degrading ways in your head? (4 points)

6. Do you refer to yourself in degrading ways out loud, even jokingly? (I’m fat, hahaha!)(4 points)

T-TM Scan Results:

0-4 Points: Your infection level is low. A one-time T-TM antidote is highly recommended to protect yourself and those you love.

6-12 Points: You are moderately infected with the T-TM virus. The good news is, in its early stages, it is highly treatable. Do your homework (below) as treatment, and take prevention steps for future infection. It is recommended that you get re-screened once per week until you have reached your goals.

14-16 Points: You have Acute Inflammatory T-TM Syndrome (AIT-TMS). Do your homework (below) immediately to treat this infection, and get on a prevention routine to protect yourself from future breakouts. It is highly recommended that you get treated DAILY for 7 days, and then re-screened weekly until you have reached your goals.


Homework: T-TM Virus Treatment and Prevention Plan

Time to get serious again… because this treatment–although so simple that it seems trivial and ineffective–really does work. But in order for it to work, you need to be diligent and committed. “Treat” yourself every day and notice the difference in your own commitment level and success rate at achieving your goals.

STEP 1: Set a mental flag in your brain right now, that will go off whenever you have a negative thought. Setting this flag is as simple as telling yourself that you will pay attention to your thoughts today. Focus on it for about 30 seconds and somehow, throughout the rest of the day, you’ll realize when you’re thinking negatively.

STEP 2: When the mental flag goes off, get out a sheet of paper. Whatever your negative thought was, write the OPPOSITE of it on the paper. For example, if your thought was, “This is just too hard,” then write on the paper, “This is EASY. I’ve totally got this!” If your thought was, “People don’t like me,” write on the paper, “All the people around me love my personality because I’m so ____ (funny, caring, etc.)Display it privately or prominently, but somewhere you can see it for the rest of the day. Say it out loud. Say it proud. Begin to believe it. Re-treat yourself every time you experience a symptom of T-TM virus 🙂 Re-screen yourself daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the severity of your negative self-talk. Start treating yourself right, and amazing things will start happening in your life. In health and fitness, in your relationships, in your career, everything!