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J.H. Tillden said, “All sickness, all disease, all death is caused by the progressive accumulation of toxins in the body and blood.” However, as much as we don’t want them in our body, this accumulation is unavoidable. Compared to our ancestors, we are getting more of these toxins through processed food, polluted air, and unfiltered water and also from personal care products that we put on our body. If you take the time to read about the ingredients of these lotions and perfumes, they’re kind of terrifying. Another big contributor to this toxin build up is stress, and compared to our ancestors, we are indeed living more stressful lives.

Top 5 Ways to Encourage Your Body to Detox:

    1. Your lungs are major detoxifying organs. How does this work? Every breath you take in is grabbing onto toxins in your body and every time you breathe out, you’re sending out the toxins. Taking a few minutes for a deep breathing exercise can help your body detoxify.  Imagine bright, clean air coming in and picture yourself breathing into particular organs in your body. Every chance you get, try to have access to the cleanest air possible. Going outside, hiking or leaving the city where all the pollution is can help you in getting that deep, awesome, fresh, clean air that can help you detoxify even more efficiently.


    1. The next detoxifying organ is the largest one and that is your skin. So how do we turn the skin’s detox function “on”? We sweat! There are different kinds of dry saunas like Finnish and infrared saunas which can help you detoxify. Of course, I won’t fail to mention exercise which is the easiest way to detox through the skin. By exercising, you are not just getting rid of calories; you’re also releasing toxins as you sweat.


    1. Liver and colon. Your liver is supposed to be a fat burning machine when it’s working properly. However, when it’s all clogged up, naturally it will decrease efficiency. This goes for your colon as well. Most people don’t realize that you should be pooping two to three times a day.


    1. A lot of people say that they don’t have time for baths but if you choose to make the time, this is can really help you get those toxins out. A good recipe for a detox bath is to fill a tub with hot water (and when I say hot, I mean comfortably hot). Add  2 handfuls of Epsom salt to the bath water. Epsom salt will help you detoxify and replenish a lot of your minerals including Magnesium which most people are low on. Baths also lets your brain detoxify and gives you reprieve from stress hormones like cortisol, which causes toxins to be stored in your fat cells.
    2. Hydration. There is a lot of speculation on how much you have to drink. 8 glasses? 3 quarts? A gallon? Many suggest you go by half your body weight in ounces. Water is important and you do need to drink as much as possible. Possibly, you need to drink more water than you already are. But oftentimes drinking half your body weight in ounces is far too much! If you’re eating a lot of vegetables, smoothies, and soups, your diet contains a lot of water so you don’t need to drink as much. Alternatively, if you’re eating a lot of processed foods or even dehydrated healthier foods, your body uses water to reconstitute that dried food, so you need to drink more. In my opinion, the best way to check your hydration level is by the color of your urine. If it’s has the slightest hint of yellow or almost clear then you’re good. If it’s dark yellow or nearing orange, (unless you’re drinking multivitamins or supplements that turn urine certain colors), then you really need to drink a whole lot more!

As you can see, you don’t need magical products to begin the detoxifying process. Comment below with your favorite ways to detox, or share this article with your friends if you think they’ll find it helpful.