Thank you for allowing me to brag about my best “students” and favorite customers! I’m honored that you would take the time to do this. Here are some tips to help make this easy and make you look as awesome as you really are (I hate it when the camera lies! Unless it lies in my favor, ha!)

1. Use great lighting. If you don’t have any special lighting, the best light is natural light. Simply make sure your back is to the darkest part of the room and the sun or light is directed toward your face. It often works well to stand in front of a window looking out. Always check before filming too much content as it can be frustrating to deliver your best work only to find a shadow across half your face.

2. Camera: any smartphone will work great! Your phone will produce WAY better quality video than your webcam on your computer. If you have a tripod, please use it. Also make sure your phone is turned to LANDSCAPE mode (so the video is long in width, not tall).

3. Your video will turn out best if you have your camera placed slightly higher than eye level. This is a super flattering camera angle if you’re looking slightly upwards at your camera. It does wonders!

4. Start with a smile! Smile before you tell us who you are and what your experience was! Smile til it hurts… I know it’s cheesy, but you’ll love your video so much more. It might FEEL phony, but in video, it looks much warmer from the viewers standpoint.

5. Make sure your background is free of distractions or clutter. 

6. Speak in “sound bites”… In most cases, we’ll send your video to our editor. They will take your best “one-liners”… your most exciting statements and the pieces of your video that really showcase your success and make you look like a million bucks. If you mess up, don’t start over, just keep going! We will edit out any mistakes you make. No problem! Just pause, smile, then start talking again. Speak, pause, smile, speak again, pause, smile, speak again… you et the point.

7. Do a quick test run. Before you begin filming, set up your camera and just speak for about 15 seconds. Then watch it and double check the tips above before you get too far in to your video.

8. Length is irrelevant! the best videos are the ones where we feel your emotion. So go as long or as short as you need to tell your story.


What we need in the video:

1. Introduce yourself and tell us your name (smile, pause)

2. What life was like before 1MMP (take your time and help us really understand the challenge, feelings, struggle, etc.) (smile, pause)

3. What was the moment when you realized you needed to find a solution or needed to make a change? Is there a story that you can recall? a day or moment?

4. What has 1MMP done for you? (Please state “One Minute Meal Plan” in this part, or if it’s easier you can say “McKenna’s program”)

5. What specifics have changed for you? Convenience? Money savings? Stress? More time to spend doing other things? Health improvements?

6. What one part of 1MMP made the biggest difference for you? “the one thing that made the biggest difference for me was…”

7. What were you skeptical about or what were your reservations before purchasing 1MMP?

8. Tell us how we can learn more about you! If you have a business you want to share – especially if 1MMP has helped you be more efficient in that or allowed you to spend more time in your business or other life passion, let us know! I’d love to promote what you’re doing and how 1MMP has helped.

9. Please upload your video to dropbox OR google drive and then “share” the folder with¬†